Get AwAy frOm PaRkeD CaRs!

Proverbs 13:4 (TLB)  Lazy people want much but get little, while the diligent are prospering

Parallel Parking On The Road

Don’t you want more out of life?   Are you really satisfied just going with the flow – that isn’t actually going anywhere?

One thing I am known for saying to drivers ahead of me is, “Are you driving, or parking?”  I say that to the driver who is driving so slowly, they could just as well be parked.  We often get stuck behind people who are simply not making good progress, or are comfortable resting in their current location. Being in that position only makes us frustrated when we desire more for ourselves – and we should, we were created for greatness.  But, we stay stuck behind someone who isn’t going anywhere simply because they think great things and we get comfortable with simply dreaming and thinking big.  In many cases, those parked people are our friends, or family.  We don’t want to think about venturing into something with people we don’t know or trust, or we don’t want to “go it alone.”  You have your own destiny that is not necessarily attached to those around you. Pursue your our dreams!  Blaze your own trail as “they” say.   

  • Enroll in the course you’ve been talking about taking for 5 years
  • Search for seminars that speak to your purpose or causes
  • Network with people who are already where you want to be
  • Create a network!
  • Invest something; time energy, finances, etc.
  • Disconnect from the influences that are not helping you move forward.
  • Create good, healthy habits
  • Set a goal, and pursue it.


Let this year be the year you venture away from lazy dreamers and purpose to go farther and do better. Make a name for yourself; It’s your time!