Praying for Yourself

First find the right passages in the Bible.

Look for scriptures that will help lead you into prayer. Every Bible is equipped with a glossary or abbreviated concordance in the back. This will help you identify the topic of concern for your prayers. Carve out a regular convenient time and place to read the Bible. By saturating your soul in scripture you will naturally draw them to mind when you pray. Read the Bible often, meditate on it, and memorize it. Invite God to speak to you through the text. When trying to distinguish between God’s voice and merely your own desires, ask yourself several key questions: “Will this honor God?”, “What’s my motivation for wanting this?”, “Is this consistent with what the Bible as a whole teaches?”

Pray specifically.

Pray specifically for something very particular and discernable from God – based on what He has already promised to do in the text you read. For example, letting the Lord’s Prayer be your guide, you can pray for perspective, priorities, provision, pardon, and protection in your own life. A prayer for the right perspective could be: “Lord, let your name be hallowed in my life today.” You can ask God to give you the right priorities by praying: “Lord, let your kingdom be established and your will be done in my life today.” A prayer for work might be: “Lord, I know your word says that if man does not work he should not eat,” II Thessalonians 3:10 help me to find a suitable job so that I might better provide for my household and not give in to laziness or complacency.

Pray for a deeper relationship.

Ask God to help you grow close to Jesus and stay in a close relationship with him. Pray for a hunger to know and speak biblical truths. Ask God to help you speak only words that are pleasing to him. Ask God to protect you and others from the destructive power of negative words. Pray for the ability to regularly speak positive words that reflect God’s grace. Ask for the grace to avoid drifting away from faith, the strength to flee temptations and to make sacrifices necessary to faithful to your walk with the Lord.

Pray for obedience.

Ask God to help you obey right away whenever He commands you to do something. Don’t negotiate, debate, or stall; simply obey God’s direction. Many in the Bible dropped what they were doing and immediately followed God, pray for the courage to do likewise.

Pray for spiritual authority.

Ask God to help you access all the power He has made available to help you fight satan. Call upon Jesus’ power to defend you from evil’s attacks on your life. Pray for the discernment you need to recognize satan’s schemes and the wisdom to know how to oppose them. Pray for the courage you need to resist Satan by commanding him to leave you.

Pray for faith and valor.

Ask God to increase your faith and your nerve. Pray that your belief in his presence and power will be the channel by which his supernatural works in and through you. Ask God to help you overcome your fears and doubts, to trust him, and to fill you with the Holy Spirit as you exercise your faith. Pray for grace to honor God even if it means losing favor with man. Speak God’s truths about yourself and others.


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