1. Your generosity will propel you into the direction of your promotion
  2. A good leadership characteristic is knowing when to step in, without being asked, and knowing when to step out without being told.

  3. Demanding respect without giving it, is a good way to make sure you don’t get any.

  4. Sometimes doing the right thing means standing alone.

  5. If you know you shouldn’t, then don’t! Save yourself the need to explain later.

  6. Vote, or don’t. But if you choose not to, you have no business complaining about the results.

  7. Don’t want cancer? Stop letting toxic people in your life. If they are already there, excuse them immediately!

  8. Love is truth, and purity; like getting a taste of the best of heaven

  9. You will get MORE work done, if you spent LESS time talking about all you have to do.

  10. Running this race is often difficult, but even if you are limping, you are still moving toward the finish line.
  11. Avoiding offense says we don’t accept  each as equals. We don’t get to decide what bothers someone & ought not dismiss the feelings of the one who is offended. Acknowledge what the person has said and make it right.
  12. Great things do not exist because of great ideas alone. They exist because someone turned a thought into an action. Instead of collecting great ideas move in the direction that makes something great come of them.
  13. Your Path and Progress toward your Purpose is Paved with your Passions.
  14. Position yourself to be on the winning team.  Do all you can with all you’ve been given.  

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