Envy Me None!

My blessing is only for me. Your blessing is only for you.

The day came for me to give my notice on my job. I was about to step into an Educational Advisor position, helping college-bound teens identify and prepare for their next steps.  When I told my boss’s, boss about this great new opportunity, instead of congratulating me, he said, “How did YOU get a job like that? That’s a job for me.”   He would have been offered the same job had he applied but, this was supposed to happen for me.  He did not know that that job was going to turn out to be a scam that would eventually propel me into becoming a 3x published author.

If you are familiar with ice skating, you remember the skating scandal. One skater was involved in the attack of the other to gain the Olympic advantage. The victim went on to win an Olympic medal and other awards; the accused lived a life of great career challenges.

What about on a more personal level? Has someone been promoted where you feel you should have been?  Are your neighbors being blessed in the areas you’ve been praying?  Is your daughter/son, friend, enjoying a marriage when yours has been a constant source of anguish?  I challenge you to “get over it”. Nothing can ruin a relationship (work, home, church) faster than jealously.  But know, and remember this; your blessing is not supposed to look like your neighbors’ or your co-workers’ or mine…  What God has for you, is for you –wait for it. What he has for me, is for me – rejoice with me.

You do not know how God is working in other peoples’ lives. He pours his blessings on the unjust as well as the just. You don’t know if someone was gifted some money to take a trip or buy a home. If you’ve been waiting for that proposal for 5 years and your friend, who has known her guy for a year got engaged before you, God knows why her blessing came first, even if you don’t. Don’t stress about it, it’s not your business.

Everyone also has different challenges and breakthrough points. Stop beating yourself up about what you didn’t get or do not have. You were created differently than the person you are judging and criticizing. Therefore, your blessings and breakthroughs will look different too.  You have come this far, you deserve a pat on the back for enduring all that you have. (Go ahead, pat yourself on the back !)

Remember the old adage that says, “You have to give to get”? … You have to send mail to get mail…You have to smile at someone to get a smile back; give a hug to get a hug, etc… The same applies to appreciation. Appreciation attracts prosperity, and thoughts of lack and “woe is me” only repel what is in store for you.  God is waiting to bless you too. Stop blocking your blessings by envying mine!